Our Mission:

Take Back the Tap is committed to illuminating the challenges that the bottled water industry poses for sustainability in terms of the environmental implications of pumping groundwater beyond a sustainable rate. Moreover, we are opposed to the subsequent erosion in citizens’ faith in municipal water supplies that results from the reliance upon bottled water. Therefore, we are focused on continuing dialogue to reconsider the sale of bottled water at Cornell, as a part of the university’s commitment to sustainability and climate justice. In addition, we support the increased availability of tap water on campus, and ultimately, call for a ban in the sale of bottled water at Cornell University.

Our Goals:

Educate the Cornell community about environmental, social and political issues surrounding the commodification of water, privatization of water and the global water crisis.

Communicate the support of students, faculty, staff and campus organizations to the administration.

Create viable and improved alternatives to bottled water, such as increasing access to filtered water and bottle filling stations on campus and selling refillable bottles at more locations.

Incorporate our goals of reducing bottled water consumption on campus into the President’s Climate Committment

Eliminate bottled water from Cornell’s campus